About Fujairah CreativeCity

Following the royal decree of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Sharqi, Number 4 of year 2007 under the administration of Fujairah Culture and Media Authority whose chairman is His Highness Rashid Bin Hamad Al-Sharqi, a new business park was launched in the Emirate of Fujairah called Creative City operated by Fujairah Media.

Creative City creates an environment for individuals and businesses working in the media, consulting, communications, design and technology fields. Creative City will complement existing media clusters in the region and further facilitate creativity in all fields

Creative City has a mission to permit, nurture and breed creative geniuses in a comfortable zone. Its mission is to create an environment conducive to the growth of the artist hidden within.

To this end, Creative City provides licenses to individuals within a Free Zone economic environment. It regulates and processes all government formalities, work permits and visas. The emphasis is on nurturing talent without the conventional fetters of renting an office or recruiting staff at the initial stages. The idea is on creating an entity that will eventually grow to a full scale enterprise.

The idea has caught on fast. Entrepreneur artisans have registered in droves and the management has been equally responsive. For those who have not yet perceived the benefits of this Free Zone entity, we solicit your approach.

Licenses are available under the categories of:

  • Publishing
  • Broadcast management
  • Media & Marketing Services
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Consultancy
  • Broadcasting
  • Filming / Production / Post-Production Information Services
  • IT Services

The creation of any new entity always has initial hurdles and Creative City has weathered it brilliantly. A team of dedicated personnel make sure that nothing is wanting in terms of attention. Availability of staff is full time and the current working hours stretches into two complete shifts to handle the welcome influx.

Creative City has strategically teamed up with virtual zone, a business initiative that gives one the luxury of operating virtually with the efficiency of a full-fledged office.

It is designed especially for individuals or clients wishing to keep costs as low as possible favoring start-up and smaller companies.

TV / Radio Production & Broadcasting Services:

  • TV Play-out
  • Uplink Services
  • Studios rent and setup
  • Art Production equipment
  • Graphic Design services


Incorporation Services:

Incorporation is essential for clients in order to secure status as a legal entity, obtain credit and raise capital. The procedure for incorporation is simple, free of red tape and involves minimal costs. Once the client submits the required documents as per legal checklists, CC issues the Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) a Certificate of Incorporation.

Amendment to the company Register Services:

Once the client is registered and licensed with the authority, the company may apply for changes in the company register including Share transfer, Capital Increase, Change of Directors, and Change of Company Name. The approved changes by CC are recorded in the company register.

Registration and Licensing Services:

The Licensing Section of the CC provides FZ-LLCs and Branches of UAE Companies/Establishments or Branches of Foreign Companies with a license to operate in the free zone. Licenses are provided for a period of one year and renewable on a yearly basis. If the services and activities of the applying company are approved by the authority, the licensee will be granted a license to operate in the free zone.

License Renewal and Amendment Services:

The licensing section provides the service of renewing company licenses on a yearly basis. If the licensee wishes to amend the license details, such as Manager Name, Company Location or License Segment/Activity, this request also needs to be submitted to CC to change.


Fujairah License Activity


Audio & Visual Audio and Visual Production, Broadcasting Management, TV Production, Audio Production, Radio
BroadcastingTV Broadcasting, Radio Broadcasting, Web Streaming
Media & MarketingAdvertising Agency, Advertising, Public Relations Agency, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion, Outdoor Advertising, Media Representation, Specialty Communication & PR, Intellectual Property Services, International Copyright Collection Agency, Marketing Research Consultancy or Services, Online Marketing Services, Media Services, Marketing Services, PR Services , E‐Commerce
PublishingNewspapers, Magazines, Educational / Consumer Books, Promotional Content, Online & Electronic
Content, e‐books, Directories and Guides.
Event ManagementSports Management, Conferences Organizing and Management, Event Production, Event Ticketing, Exhibition Organization and Management, Festival Organization and Management, Live Theatrical Shows Management and Promotion, Performing Arts Management, Choreography, Hospitality Management Consultancy.
Media Support ServicesMedia Production, Media Support Services, Media Content Production, Media Monitoring, Graphic Design, Media Archiving & Distribution, Photography, Photography Services, Press Services, Printing Services, Media Equipment Rentals
ConsultancyMarketing Consultancy, Market Research Consultancy, Concept & Design Consultancy, Media and Marketing Consultancy, Media Consultancy, Lifestyle Consultancy, Accounting & Auditing Consultancy, Architecture Consultancy, Technical Consultancy, Education Consultancy, Legal Consultancy, Business Consultancy, Lifestyle Consultancy, Media Consultancy, Travel Consultancy, Project Management Consultancy, Human Resources Consultancy, Engineering Consultancy
New MediaAnimation, Animation Photography, Digital Design, Digital Media Management, Digital Media Services, Interactive Services, Multimedia Development, New Media Services, System Development Management, Software Development Management, Web Design, Web Hosting, Technical Services, Online Marketing Services
Business InformationNews Agency, Information Services, Helpdesk Services, Research Services, Risk Management, Strategy
Advisory Services, Translation Services, Strategy Planning Consultancy
Film / Production / Post‐ProductionArt Production & Distribution, Art Services, Film Production & Distribution, Film Production/Post Production, Post Production, Program Management, Programmed Management, Video Design Services, Video Production, Videography
Music & EntertainmentMusic Production & Recordings, Music Distribution, Music Promotion & Management, Music
Publishing, Music Label & Rights Management, Theme Parks Management, Music Training
Information TechnologyIT Consultancy, IT Services, AUTOCAD, e‐Commerce, Network Management Services, IT Security
Management, IT Solutions, Virtualization, IT Strategy Services
DesignInterior Design, Architecture Services, Commercial Interior Design, Space Planning Design, Concept
Design Consultancy, Design Services, Fashion Design
EducationEducation Training, Business Training, Online Education, Education Services, Performing Art Training, Training Consultancy , Training Services
Import, ExportMedia Technology, Import/Export(IT Related)

Note: Please find below additional criteria for these business activities.

EDUCATION & TRAINING: Not applicable for Commercial Licence

PUBLISHING: Not applicable for Commercial Licence

BROADCASTING: Management pre‐approval required.

Feel free to contact us for more details.


Fujairah Payment Packages

Baby Business (Up to 6 Visas Available)

Initial Down PaymentAED 6000/-
11 Monthly Installments eachAED 3,375
License RenewalAED 26,000

Freelancer (Up to 3 Visas Available)

Initial Down PaymentAED 6000/-
11 Monthly Installments eachAED 2,825
License RenewalAED 21,000

Commercial with more than 1 shareholder (No visas available)

Initial Down PaymentAED 6000/-
11 Monthly Installments eachAED 2,025
License RenewalAED 17,500

Commercial with 1 shareholder (No visas available)

Initial Down PaymentAED 6000/-
11 Monthly Installments eachAED 1,700
License RenewalAED 14,500

Commercial with 1 shareholder (One visa available)

Initial Down PaymentAED 6000/-
11 Monthly Installments eachAED 2,425
License RenewalAED 20,500

Terms & Conditions:

    • » Applicable only for New Licenses.
    • » Installments need to be covered by 11 Post Dated Cheques for the same amount to be collected before processing of License, Conditional to 3 months bank statement and approval from our accounts department.
    • »License Renewals Can be done on monthly installments


(Visas are valid for 3 years)

      • Residency Visa - AED 5,000
      • Emirates ID Card - AED 370 (payable directly to the ID Card Center)
      • Medical Test - AED 300** or AED 850*** (payable directly to the Medical Center - see below for more details))
      • Change of status - AED 850



Other Services


Penalty for Trade License Cancellation after Expiry DateAED 100 per day
Airport Visa Drop-off in DubaiAED 250
Arabic Legal Translation (from English)AED 250
Dubai Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation (Degrees, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate)AED 400
Attestation of Certificates/ContractsAED 425
Certificate of Good StandingAED 425
Salary CertificateAED 425
No Objection Certificate (Driver's License, Liquor License, Car Registration, Travel)AED 425
In Country Change of StatusAED 850
Visa Pre-ApprovalAED 1,000
Residence Visa Cancellation (inside the country)AED 1,000
Police Clearance (for Liquor License )AED 1,500
Assistance for Driver's LicenseAED 1,500
Penalty for late renewal of Immigration CardAED 1,500 (1st month)

AED 200 (per additional month)

Residence Visa Cancellation (outside the country)AED 2,000
VIP Assistance for Medical Test & Emirates ID Application (including government fees)AED 2,695
Re-issuance/Duplicate Company DocumentsAED 3,500
Trade License CancellationAED 5,000
Dependents SponsorshipAED 5,750
Additional ActivityFrom AED 2,000 for the first year and free upon renewal


Amendment to Shareholders within FZ LLC, Person in Charge or ActivityAED 3,500
Amendment from Individual Shareholder to Multiple Shareholders or Corporate ShareholderAED 5,500

Important Information

  • All procedures, timelines and costs are valid at the time of going to print, however may become subject to change without notice.
  • Company documentation (Trade Licenses etc.) are issued from Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, part of Fujairah Media, and Visas are issued from Fujairah Immigration. Please note the registered address for your new company will be Creative Tower, Fujairah as per what will appear on your Trade License and what will feature on your company stamp and furthermore should be used on all official company correspondence i.e. contracts, invoices etc.
  • All document clearing and document processing tasks pertaining to your applications (Trade License, visas etc) are carried out by our office in Fujairah.
  • Any documents or applications handed into our Dubai office are a drop off and pickup point only, no document clearing or document processing take place in Dubai.
  • Payments for all applications should be made to our office in Fujairah or via bank transfer, or bank deposit (cheque or cash).
  • Any payments handed over at our Dubai office are a drop off point only, all receipts and invoices will be issued from our office in Fujairah.
  • Any payments received by EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES towards any product or service are non-refundable unless agreed otherwise. This condition is valid even if the payment received isn’t for the full amount of the service or product subscribed for and/or the customer has yet to provide EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES with all the correct documentary requirements for said product or service and/or their application is rejected by the licensing authority for any reason.
  • Please note the prices quoted in this proposal are specific to the products and services mentioned, they do not include any ancillary services i.e. driving license transfers, liquor license, dependents visas etc - please contact us if you would like pricing and procedures for the same.
  • All information provided to EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES, along with all documents, forms and signatures should be both accurate and authentic - anything found not be accurate or authentic will result in fines and criminal prosecution.
  • All original documents (Trade License, Certificate of Incorporation, Share Certificate/s, Articles of Incorporation, Office Lease Agreement) must be collected within 90 calendar days otherwise, will be forwarded to the Free Zone as per their request.
  • Should you not avail of any offer or promotion at the time it is offered it will not be available at a later date.
  • In order to secure a utility bill in your personal name you will need to lease residential premises in the UAE, and in order to secure a utility bill in your company name you will need to lease physical permanent office space in the Free Zone.
  • Business Centre services are provided by the Business Centre under their Department of Economic Development (DED) License. These services aren’t provided directly by EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES.
  • With regard to your dedicated phone number with the Business Centre, please note that a call forwarding charge is applicable e.g. when they receive a call on your dedicated phone number and forward the call to your mobile.
  • Furthermore should you wish to use the ‘honesty bar’ at the Business Centre you will need to lodge a credit card with them as security, and settle your bill daily. Please note only hot beverages are complimentary i.e. tea and coffee everything else is chargeable.
  • With regard to meeting rooms hours and days at the internet cafe, no partial bookings are accepted, i.e. a half hour meeting room booking will be viewed as 1 hour, and similarly if you use the internet cafe for 2 hours it will be viewed as 1 day. Furthermore if for example 2 of you are using the internet cafe on the same day and occupying 2 desks, that will count as 2 days usage. Furthermore desk space cannot be shared, you can only have 1 person occupying 1 desk. If you would like additional meeting room hours and/or internet cafe days you may approach the Business Centre and pay them the applicable rates directly. Also please note that desk usage at the internet cafe is on a first come first serve basis, and meeting rooms need to be booked in advance and are subject to availability. Unused meeting room hours or internet cafe days cannot be rolled over to the following month.
  • The working hours of the Business Centre are Sundays through Thursdays from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, you will only be able to use the Suite 1901, Level 19, Boulevard Plaza Tower 1. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard Level 19, Creative Tower, P.O. Box 4422 Downtown Dubai, P.O. Box 27363, Dubai, UAE. Fujairah, UAE. Business Centre during these hours. Furthermore please note that the Business Centre will be closed on UAE Public Holidays as well as Christmas day.
  • Any regular mail received will be kept for 60 calendar days and will be discarded thereafter if not collected. Any parcels received will carry a handling fee of AED 100 per item in addition to any applicable customs fees; parcels will be discarded after 21 calendar days if not collected.
  • The PO Box details that appear on your trade license (i.e. PO Box 4422, Fujairah, UAE) can NOT be used to receive any mail or packages in your name or in the name of any of your employees or in the name of your company; any mail or packages sent to this PO Box will be destroyed.
  • Please note that you will not be able to secure an independent physical PO Box in Dubai with Empost for your company.
  • Should you subscribe to a PO Box with Empost for your company, pleased be informed that you will not be able to cancel the PO Box unless you also close down your company.
  • If the company you are setting up is a branch of a company or partially or fully owned by another company, at the time of opening the company bank account you will be required to submit a current attested Certificate of Incumbency and a current attested Certificate of Good Standing.
  • If your company is a branch or a subsidiary of a non UAE company, you will need to submit the Certificate of Good Standing of the parent company in order to form your new company and annually in order to renew your license, furthermore the Certificate will need to be attested by the UAE Embassy in the country of origin as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.
  • In case you are opening a branch or a company is a shareholder, it is important that one can identify the individual named beneficial owners of the parent company - companies which have multiple layers and/or are nominee companies where one is unable to identify individual named beneficial owners will be unable to open a company bank account in the UAE.
  • Companies registered with Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, part of Fujairah Media; are permitted to carry out business activities with companies within the Free Zone or with companies within other Free Zones in the UAE or with companies outside the UAE. Should the company wish to conduct business with Government entities or local companies within the UAE they should either establish a local branch office or transact through a local commercial agent.
  • Under your license issued from Fujairah Creative City Free Zone and visa issued from Fujairah Immigration, you will not be able to permanently work from any 3rd party offices or locations. However if your company is engaged in a specific project/contract with a client that requires your regular presence at the clients’ premises e.g. an audit - you will be able to visit and work from your clients’ premises until the project/contract is complete. Please note that in this scenario when you visit your clients’ premises you will need to sign the visitors book, wear a visitor’s badge, and work from a communal area.
  • The EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES package (Support Services and company registration) is valid for one year starting from the commencement date on the Trade License and both must be renewed annually.
  • The contact details provided at the time of the application (phone number, email address etc) will be the contact details used by EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES and the business centre to contact you - if at any time you would like to change, add, amend your contact details you will need to submit the new details to us in writing in original, an email or phone call won’t suffice.
  • The default share capital amount for an FZE company will be AED 100,000 and AED 150,000 for an FZ LLC company - these amounts cannot be changed to a higher or lower amount.
  • The Memorandum and Articles for your company cannot be edited, amended or expanded upon.
  • Your residency visa and those of your employees and dependents are valid for 3 years, please note that you will not be sent any reminder from EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES prior to the expiry of the residency visas, you will need to contact EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES yourselves at least 30 working days before the residency visas expire to commence the renewal process.
  • Trade licenses issued from Fujairah Creative City Free Zone are limited to consultancy and media related activities, no trade licenses are issued pertaining to commercial/general trading related activities. We can however accommodate these activities through Ajman Free Zone, please contact us for our Commercial/General Trading Proposal.
  • If you will be applying for visas under the company, you will need to open a company bank account and make monthly salary payments from your company bank account. All employees under the company will need to open personal bank accounts as well.
  • With regard to the access to our banking contacts, EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES will simply provide a list of banking contacts, after which the onus is on the client to contact the banking representative directly and organize a meeting at a time and venue of the client and banking representative’s choosing. EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES aren’t involved beyond providing the list of banking contacts, furthermore EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES do not provide any assurances that the company bank account will be successfully opened or how long it will take for the bank account to be opened, the onus is on the client to liaise with the banking representative and satisfy the requirements and protocols of the bank in order to successfully open and maintain their company bank account. Please note that the client is not obliged to open their company bank account through our banking contacts, and is free to utilize their own banking accounts at any bank of their choosing.
  • If any of the Shareholders and/or General Manager cannot personally be present in the UAE to open the company Bank Account, an attested Board Resolution and/or Power of Attorney from all of the absent Shareholders and/or General Manager will need to be submitted in order to complete the bank account opening procedure. Please contact us for drafts and further details on the same.
  • In order to keep your company bank account active, you will need to visit your bank annually with your original renewed trade License and present it to the bank for sighting, this must be carried out on or before the expiry date of your current Trade License.
  • Please note the word ‘Dubai’, ‘Abu Dhabi’, ‘Sharjah’, ‘RAK’, ‘Ras Al Khaimah’, ‘Ajman’, ‘Fujairah’, ‘Umm Al-Quwain’, ‘UAE’, ‘Emirates’, ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd, Financial can NOT be used in Company Names, neither can the words ‘Islam’, ‘Islamic’ or ‘Bomb’ or any other words related to any religion. The words ‘Import’, ‘Export’ or ‘Manufacturing’ also cannot be used.
  • If you are planning to open a branch or subsidiary of another Free Zone or Offshore company registered in the UAE you will require a NOC from the relevant licensed authority.
  • Under the Company License only setup option all shareholders need to be individuals.
  • The maximum number of shareholders allowed under the company only license is 4, if you would like to have more than 4 shareholders on a company only license you will need to pay 2,000 AED per additional shareholder. Also please note that all shareholders on the company only licenses must be individuals, corporate shareholders aren’t permitted.
  • Furthermore under the company license only setup option all shareholders need to either hold a valid UAE residence visas OR be a national of any of the 48 countries who are granted visas on arrival OR be a national of a European country OR be a national of a South Suite 1901, Level 19, Boulevard Plaza Tower 1. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard Level 19, Creative Tower, P.O. Box 4422 Downtown Dubai, P.O. Box 27363, Dubai, UAE. Fujairah, UAE. East Asian Country OR be a national of a South American Country (excluding Cuba) OR be a national of a country in the Indian Sub Continent (excluding Pakistan) OR be a national of a Caribbean country - please contact us for further information and full lists as the situation remains fluid in these cases. Nationals of any other country, not holding a valid UAE residence visa, will need to apply for a pre-approval.
  • You may not downgrade your licensing option i.e from Baby Business to Freelancer or from Freelancer to Company license or any combination of the same.
  • If you select the business activities ‘Legal Consultancy’, ’Accounting & Auditing Consultancy’ and ‘Education Consultancy & Training’, you will need to submit your original attested degree certificate in order to process the application for the company Trade License.
  • With regard to the company setup via EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES, the client is obliged to maintain EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES as their agent for the lifetime the company remains in existence, and are not permitted to transact their company license renewal or any other process pertaining to their company individually or via another agent or via the Free Zone at any time unless otherwise agreed by EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES.
  • Should you fail to renew your trade license at least 45 days prior to its expiry, all services from the Free Zone will be suspended i.e. you will not be able to apply for any visas or NOC’s etc until you carry out the renewal.
  • Should payment for the renewal of the EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES package (Support Services and Company Registration) not be made by the expiry date of the company Trade License, all services will be discontinued including any telephone number you have subscribed for. Any reconnection of the telephone number once it has been disconnected which will become subject to a charge of AED 350. Furthermore you will be charged a penalty of AED 100 per day after the date of expiry until you either renew the EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES package or complete the closing/cancellation procedure, you will also be liable to pay any applicable government fees (closing/cancelling fees and late fees for closing/cancelling after the expiry date of the license, or late fees for renewing your license after the expiry date of the license) for the same.
  • You will be required to settle upfront in full any pending instalments at the time of cancellation of your license. Furthermore you will need to pay AED 5,000 to cancel the Trade license and up to AED 2,000 to cancel each employment visa and related dependent visas under the company. Please note the above is applicable providing all cancellations take place during the Trade License validity period - should any of the above take place after the Trade License has expired, late fees will also be incurred. You will also need to return to EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES all your original company formation documents even if they are expired, so please don’t destroy or misplace any of these documents as otherwise you will need to submit a police report and pay an additional AED 2,000 at the time of cancellation.
  • A license should not be cancelled if it still holds corporate bank accounts in the UAE and abroad, as well as if the company has outstanding loans, creditors, and it holds assets in the UAE and abroad.
  • You will not be able to simply let your Trade License or visas lapse, you will be required to cancel the company license and cancel the visas under the company as well as cancel any related dependent visas. The fees for the same are outlined above.
  • In addition to the relevant late renewal penalties imposed by the Free Zone, the cancellation fees also apply to expired licenses.
  • The company Immigration Card needs to also be renewed annually; should the company Immigration Card not be renewed, a penalty of AED 1500 will be applicable for the first month after expiry and AED 200 per subsequent month.
  • If you would like to amend your Trade License from 1 individual shareholder (FZE) to more than 1 individual shareholder or a corporate shareholder (FZ LLC) the amendment fee is AED 5,500.
  • The maximum number of shareholders permitted per company is 6.
  • At the time of renewing your passport, please ensure that you will maintain the same name on the new passport as that on the original passport submitted for both the license incorporation and visa application.
  • If your previous UAE residence visa carried your maiden name, and you now have a new passport with your married name, you will need to provide us with a certificate from your embassy/consulate stipulating the change of name. This certificate will need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE and legally translated into Arabic. If your embassy/consulate don’t issue a change of name certificate, you will need to obtain written confirmation from the embassy/consulate stating that they do not provide such a document which will also need to be legally translated into Arabic.
  • In order to setup your company, you will need to submit entry stamps OR residency visa copies OR cancelled visa copies for all shareholders and the ‘person in charge’.
  • You may apply for all visas on the company simultaneously as long as one of the visa applications is also for the ‘person in charge’.
  • Any overstay fines will have to be paid prior to your entry visa being issued - at the time of paying your overstay fines, you will incur an admin fee of AED 250. Once the fines are paid and the entry visa issued, you will have to do an in country change of status, you will not be able to carry out the change of status by exiting and re-entering the country either by road or air.
  • Please note if the person named as the ‘person in charge’ on the Trade License holds a current UAE residency visa in a Managerial/Director or Investor position (NB: if you are currently on a dependent visa sponsored by your spouse or parent or hold a student visa, you will NOT qualify for this option); an exemption to the above is likely to be granted and you will be able to proceed with submitting all visa applications for the company as soon as the company Immigration Card is released. Please contact us for further clarification and updates as the situation remains fluid in these cases.
  • The other company shareholders (i.e. excluding the shareholder who took up the position of ‘person in charge’) or company employees or company officers wishing to take up UAE residency and to be employed in a Managerial position (i.e. Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, Sales Manager etc.) will need to submit their original degree certificate attested from the country of origin as well as from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE and legally translated into Arabic. Furthermore please note in order to obtain ‘visa on arrival’ to GCC countries it is necessary to hold a Managerial Position on your visa.
  • GCC nationals are required to obtain their Unified Number from Immigration upon company incorporation. The fee for this service is AED 250 for each shareholder and processing timeline is 3 working days.
  • The maximum number of Managerial Designations per company is 3.
  • The other company shareholders (i.e. excluding the shareholder who took up the position of ‘person in charge’) who don’t hold attested degree certificates, may still apply for a visa on the company, but will only be able to apply for administrative related positions or that of a Sales or Marketing Representative.
  • If you are out of the country when your entry visa is issued, you will need to enter the country on your new entry visa, you will NOT be allowed to enter the country on a tourist visa or visit visa or visa on arrival.
  • If the application for your entry visa is rejected as a result of not clearing ‘security approval’, you will be ineligible to apply for and secure a tourist visa in the future. This does not apply to nationals of the 48 countries who are granted visas on arrival.
  • Should you choose to cancel or abort your visa process at any stage, or let your entry visa expire or lapse you will not be eligible for any refund - the whole visa process will need to be restarted and a fresh payment made.
  • For the ‘person in charge’, the only available designation, which will be reflected both on the trade license and residency visa, is General Manager.
  • Directors under the company need to be appointed via a Board/Shareholder Resolution, please contact us for a draft of the same
  • No two employees of one company can hold the same position on their Residence Visa i.e. you can’t have 2 Sales Representatives or 2 Marketing Representatives.
  • If you or any of the shareholders or the person in charge have previously been marked as banned or absconded by your current/previous employer OR have a previous or ongoing court case, OR have a previous or ongoing police matter, OR have a previous or ongoing bank matter OR can outline any other reason why a government application may not be successfully granted please outline the same in writing to a EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES representative at the time of this application. Failure to do so will result in the applicant being fined a sum of AED 5,000 by the Free Zone Authority.
  • Please note that a Work Permit/Labor Card can only be applied for in conjunction with a residency visa, it cannot be applied for independently
  • The Free Zone only allows a maximum 2 Labor Card attestation applications per company for both Freelance and Baby Business Packages.
  • In order to sponsor dependents (excluding ‘housemaids’) you will need to either have a Managerial position on your visa or that of a Sales or Marketing Representative. In order to sponsor a ‘housemaid’, you will need to hold a Managerial position on your Residence Visa and must provide a bank statement which reflects a minimum salary of 20,000 AED.
  • If you have sponsored your dependents and subsequently cancelled their visas, you will not be able to exit the country unless your dependents accompany you or they have secured their new residency visas.
  • If you currently are the sole individual shareholder on your company trade license and decide to amend the license to add a shareholder or change from an individual shareholder to a corporate shareholder the suffix on your license will go from FZE to FZ LLC - similarly if you are more than one shareholder or a corporate shareholder on the trade license and decide to amend the license to become one individual shareholder the suffix on the company will go from FZ LLC to FZE.
  • Fujairah Immigration will only process ‘housemaid’ visas for applicants from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines and Nepal.
  • If you and your spouse are of different nationalities and got married in a country which was of neither of your nationalities, you will face issues during sponsoring your spouse.
  • Women are NOT able to sponsor dependents (spouse, children, housemaid etc.)
  • Neither stepchildren nor adopted children nor children out of wedlock can be sponsored by the respective stepparent/adoptive/biological parent.
  • When sponsoring dependents you will need to provide Fujairah Immigration with 1 to 3 months personal bank statements. Please contact us for further information.
  • When applying for a Salary Certificate from the Free Zone, you will need to either submit personal bank statements for the last 3 months illustrating salary transfers having been effected to your personal bank account or payslips for the last 3 months signed by yourself and the person in charge on the license. Please contact us for further information.
  • Shareholders who are up to 69 years old are eligible to apply for an employment visa on the company. All non-shareholders applying for a visa under the company should not be older than 59 years old.
  • No employments visas under the company can be issued for applicants under the age of 18. Persons under the age of 18 also cannot be a shareholder nor the person in charge on the license.
  • Visit visas and/or Mission visas cannot be issued under your company.
  • If any of the shareholders or the person in charge is an Emirati National, we will need a copy of their ‘Jinsiya’ and their Emirates ID Card.
  • Visa applicants holding Sri Lankan and Indonesian passports will need to carry out a medical test in their home country and have the results of said medical attested at the UAE Consulate in their home country prior to applying for their visa, unless they are currently in the country on a cancelled residency visa.
  • Sri Lankan, Filipino, Indonesian and Nepalese looking to apply for visas whilst still in their home country have to secure and submit additional documents and fulfill additional procedures in their home country in order to apply for their visa. Please contact us for further information on the same.
  • Should you fail your medical exam, you will not be able to apply for another residency visa in the UAE in the future.
  • Unmarried female visa applicants suspecting pregnancy must not take their medical test as it is deemed illegal as per UAE law. If found pregnant, applicant may face i.e. legal charges, detention or repatriation to home country.
  • The medical results at Al Baraha Hospital are released 2 working days after you have completed your medical test.
  • The medical results at Al Karama Medical Fitness Express Service Center are released in a minimum of 4 business hours after you have completed your medical test.
  • Emirates ID application must be done either in Al Baraha or Fujairah regardless of where the medical test was done.
  • If you are carrying more than 1 passport, please ensure you inform a EBMS BUSINESS SERVICES representative of the same. Furthermore please note that you will be unable to travel on your 2 nd passport (the one not submitted towards your visa process) whilst your visa application is in process.
  • If your normal passport which holds your valid UAE residence visa has run out of pages and/or expired, you will not be permitted to enter UAE on a temporary passport. You will need to wait till your new normal passport has been issued and then travel carrying both your new passport as well as your previous passport which holds your valid UAE residence visa.
  • Once you completed your change of status you will NOT be able to travel outside of the UAE until your passport has been stamped with your residency visa.
  • If you have recently visited Kish or Iran or any other territory of Iran, you will only be able to apply for a UAE residency visa 6 months from the date you left Kish or Iran.
  • Should you be outside the country when the visa is issued, and are not from one of the 48 countries that are granted a visa on arrival (please contact us for a full list of the same) and are entering the UAE on your new entry visa, which will constitute your change of status, please be sure to contact your airline prior to travelling, as many airlines will need to see a copy of your entry visa prior to travel in order to verify the same and then upload a copy of the visa onto their system, and provide you with an ‘OK to Board’. The same would apply if you are inside the country when the visa is issued, and plan to exit the country with your visa in hand, and then re-enter the UAE by air.
  • We hold no responsibility for the issuance or delivery or delays related to Emirates ID Cards, or if the applicant is requested by the Emirates ID Card Authority to return to the ID Card center to redo the bio data procedure.
  • The timeframe as to the issuance of your Emirates ID Card is not something we have control over and cannot be expedited by us - it is at the discretion of the Emirates ID Authority. The current timeframe for the issuance of Emirates ID Cards is 10 to 15 working days after your residency visa has been issued.
  • Please note that if you have never held a previous driving license in the UAE, you will need to visit Fujairah to either transfer your overseas driving license (if applicable) or take your driving lessons and test.
  • Furthermore, please note that for those who are eligible to apply for driving license transfers in the UAE, the Fujairah Traffic Department requires you to surrender your original driving license from your home country before handing over the UAE driving license. This is applicable for the following countries: Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Romania, Portugal, Luxemburg and Slovakia. The Fujairah Traffic Department will send this to the issuing authority in your home country for you to retrieve.
  • Hand written passports are no longer accepted, all passport copies submitted should be electronic/typed passports.
  • Passports bearing only your first name and no surname won’t be accepted.
  • You will need to use the same passport for your visa application as used for your company license application - if you are holding 2 passports be it from the same country or from different countries, you will not be able to use one passport for one application and the other passport for the other, the same passport will need to be used for all applications.
  • If you have been issued a passport which is valid for less than 3 years, then you will only be issued a visa for the same length of time i.e. if your passport carries a validity of 2 years, then your visa will also only be for 2 years.
  • Any amendments to the passport’s appearance i.e. design, format or validity, has to be updated in the Immigration system. This process will take longer than the usual timeline and will require additional documentation such as attested letter of confirmation from their respective embassy or consulate.
  • Visa transfers aren’t permitted, even if it’s from another Free Zone.
  • In order to maintain your UAE residency, you will need to enter the country at least once every 180 calendar days.
  • In very rare cases when Immigration cancels the residence visa at the airport post 180 days of being outside the country, visa cancelation still needs to be submitted to the Free Zone, following the normal visa cancelation requirements and fees.
  • In order to be a shareholder or person in charge of a company or apply for visas (both at the time of the entry visa application and later on when the passport is submitted for residency stamping) your passport should be valid for a minimum of 12 months, you should also have 2 empty permitted.
  • Should you submit a new or different passport at the time of residency visa stamping (different from the one whose details you submitted at the time of applying for your entry visa) there will be an additional fee of 1,000 AED.
  • If a visa applicant has several previous UAE residency visas where their profession is mentioned as ‘housemaid’ they will not be able to obtain an employment visa under the company. Please contact us for further clarification and updates as the situation remains fluid in these cases, and on occasion exceptions have been granted if the housemaid holds an attested degree certificate.
  • In order for the Trade License to be issued and the company Immigration Card to be applied for and visas to be issued on the company, we will require the residency visa copy and/or recent visit visa entry stamp and/or residency visa cancellation papers of all the shareholders and the person in charge.
  • Any time any application needs to be re-submitted i.e. Trade License application, entry visa application, residency stamping application; the timelines for completing said process will be as if it were a new application.
  • If the person in charge wants to cancel their visa on the company, but not close the company simultaneously, they will need to amend the company trade license and appoint someone else as the person in charge in place of them OR they can make a deposit of AED 2,000, which is refundable upon cancellation of the company, and provide a letter from their new sponsor/employer confirming that they will sponsor their new residence visa.
  • All outstanding traffic fines have to be settled prior to applying for your visa as well as cancelling your visa.
  • At the time of applying for the 6th visa on the company, Fujairah Immigration will request your company bank statements going back at least 1 year, along with at least 5 forms of documentary proof in the form of a contract or order, illustrating that the company is operational and conducting active business. Immigration may even request this information earlier if they suspect the company may be engaging in the activity of selling visas on their company. Please note that visas issued on the company are exclusively for person/s working for that company. If a company is found to be selling visas and/or a visa holder is engaging in work for another company, the person/s in question are likely to face legal prosecution and deportation.
  • At the time of your residency visa renewal, you will need to either submit personal bank statements for the last 6 months illustrating salary transfers having been effected to your personal bank account or payslips for the last 6 months signed by yourself and the person in charge on the license. This is applicable even for shareholders of the company, you will however be exempt from this requirement if you are a sole shareholder and the person in charge on the license. The visa renewal fee costs the same as a new visa application. Please contact us for further information.
  • Certain restrictions potentially exist for passport holders from the following countries to obtain visas on the company (they can however still obtain visas as dependents without issue): Iran (also to act as company shareholder), Israel (also to act as a company shareholder), Turkey (also to act as a company shareholder), Bangladesh (also to act as a company shareholder), Afghanistan (also to act as a company shareholder) Kenya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Cuba, Palestine, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Ethiopia (won’t be granted a visa even as a dependent), Egypt, Somalia, and Yemen.
  • Persons born in Iran and Israel but holding a passport from another country potentially may not be able to act as company shareholder or person in charge on the Trade License. Persons born in any of the other countries mentioned in the above bullet point, but currently carry a passport from another country will be able to act as company shareholder, but potentially may not be able to apply for employment visas on the company. Furthermore if any of the above are company shareholders and/or the person in charge the company Immigration Card potentially may not be issued by Immigration, which would mean no visas would be able to be applied for under the company. Also please note that even if your place of birth and nationality isn’t from one of the restricted countries but your name is deemed to have originated from one of those countries, you may experience delays in both your Immigration Card and visa release. Recently on a case by case basis Fujairah Immigration have agreed to carry out a visa pre-approval process for a fee of AED 2,000, for many who are either nationals of, or were born in, the countries mentioned in the above bullet – please note visa pre-approvals will not be possible for those born in or nationals of Iran or Israel. Pre-approval for those who are planning to apply for visas that are granted approvals from Immigration, must immediately apply for the Employment Visa within 30 calendar days. Failure to apply within the stipulated timeline would mean that the pre-approval process would have to be done all over again; with the same timeline, process and cost. Kindly note that approval is not guaranteed on reapplication. Please contact us for up to date information as the list and procedures can become subject to change without prior notice.

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