AC, Painting and Technical Works License Cost Estimation

AC, Painting and Technical Works License Cost Estimation

AC, Painting and Technical Works License Cost Estimation

Technical Works License & Cost Estimation

The following activities can be included in this license:

  • Air-Conditioning
  • Ventilation & air filtration Systems
  • Installation & maintenance
  • Plumbing & Sanitary Contracting
  • Floor and wall Tiling Works
  • Painting Contracting
  • Plaster & Cladding Works
  • Insulation Contracting
  • Engraving & Ornamentation Works
  • Wall Paper Fixing
  • Partitions & False Ceilings Contracting
  • Carpentry & Flooring Contracting

Technical Works License Cost Estimation

Break-up cost of Technical Works License at Dubai DED-Technical Service

          Description                                     Fees in Dhs

  • Commercial License Fee  700.00
  • Government Cultural Fees  10.00
  • Administrative Fees 50.00
  • Non-Arabic Trade Name Fees (Dh2000 extra fees for words like Emirates, Gulf, International, Abbreviation. Maximum Trade Name Fees: Dh3000)  2000.00
  • Name board permission Fees  350.00
  • Market Fees (2.5% of your shop/office rent) amount varies depends on tenancy amount  1250.00
  • Partner Accommodation Fees (Dh500 for each expatriate Partner). If any of the partners paid his accommodation fees with any other license, you can approach DED to remove his fees after get issued the Payment Voucher 1000.00
  • Public Waste related service fees  2000.00
  • Service Improvement Fees (Commercial)  400.00
  • Chamber of Commerce Fees  1200.00
  • Ministry of Economy Fees  3000.00
  • Local Fees – Trade License  200.00
  • Commercial License Fees-Tejari  150.00

Total License Cost including one investor Visa & Dubai office address will be AED29950/-

For more information Click here for Dubai Mainland Pricing 

To Conclude:

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