Advertising Agency License in Dubai

The investors have found Dubai city to be an attractive place that would provide them with higher profit for all their investments. The advertising and marketing tasks and activities are an inevitable part of the entire business set up and running business effectively in Dubai. With several business organizations looking to establish their business in Dubai, it would be a profitable business area for advertising and marketing agencies.

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What is the procedure of acquiring the advertising agency license in Dubai?

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It is a tedious and time-consuming procedure to acquire an advertising agency license in Dubai.
The Department of Economic Development would provide the initial approval certificate to the aspiring entrepreneur once they submit all the relevant documents.The Trade Name Certificate will then issue the trade name and reservation that is another major step to acquire the advertising agency license in Dubai. Once, the first two steps are completed, the entrepreneur needs to rent out an office space and get the tenancy contract for the same.
The minimum office space needs to be 200 square feet and it might also be 500 square feet in some other cases.The Memorandum signature on the documents in one of the crucial and final steps in acquiring an advertising agency license in Dubai and this takes place in the court in the presence of all the partners of the business venture.

What are the important approvals required to obtain an advertising agency license in Dubai?

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The Municipality Department provides the first external approval to establish an advertising agency.
The National Media Council provides the next approval after the final payment is done and depending on the activity, the National Media Council and the Department of Economic Development might require an external approval to issue the license.
The submission of documents and final payment brochure to the Department of Economic Development would provide the adverting agency license in Dubai to the aspiring professional

What are the different services offered by the advertising agencies in Dubai?

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The KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) in Dubai provides the following mediums to promote and advertise any product or services in Dubai.

  • Multimedia ads
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Radio advertisements
  • Television advertisements
  • Print advertisements
  • Billboards

The advertising agencies need to adhere to the advertising and marketing campaign rules laid down by the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority).

  • The campaign must respect the privacy of the people.
  • The campaign must respect people’s religious belief
  • The campaign must deliver communication that is non-offensive
  • The campaign must be about the parent company and must fall under the name fo the parent company
  • The campaign must carry an unbiased message
  • The campaign must not promote misleading information and must deliver accurate facts and information
  • The advertising campaigns are classified into three main categories. They are:-

    • Industrial ads
    • Commercial ads
    • Professional ads

    The nature of the business determines the type of advertising campaign to be executed.


Dubai Media City is one of the most preferred locations that provide major benefits to the advertising agencies being set up in that location.The advertising agency being set up in Dubai Media City is privileged to get higher benefits and our experts at EBMS would guide you in setting up your own advertising agency in Dubai more profitably.