Many sales people sit in front of a customer and ask them what is their budget or how much do they have allocated to spend on the products or services that they want to sell them. Understanding the budget early is a very logical thing and will avoid a lot of misunderstanding early on in
The new UAE Bankruptcy Law (Federal Decree Law 9 of 2016) provides a legal framework to help distressed companies in the UAE.  Seeking expert legal advice is key in taking advantage of the provisions offered in the New Law. Trench & Associates (T&A), established Dubai legal consultants, urge companies and individuals to seek expert legal advice in order
So, you must have heard quite a few things over the years about first impressions but in selling it is real ��the way that you are perceived by a person or people who you are meeting you for the first time. Here are a few interesting facts that Ive heard: When meeting somebody for the
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