Dubai Mainland License


Do you want to setup a business inside UAE? There are two main options for you. You can launch your company in a free zone or form a Mainland company. Read till end and you will be able to understand everything about Mainland company formation and its advantages.

Mainland Company is an onshore company that requires 51% local citizen partnership in business.

Mainland UAE Visa and Registration

Get a local sponsor and valid license and start your business activities in UAE. Whether it is a Commercial license, an industrial license or a Professional License you definitely need to be well aware of the rules and laws of the relevant authorities’ procedures.

Mainland visa and registration process is basically very easy but only for those who are professionally expert in this field. As some business categories need prior approvals and this is very important to choose a proper platform for your mainland company setup so you will be able to establish a successful entity.

Tax free high standard lifestyle in a strong economic zone is what everyone considers. Especially investors and professional business entities always prefer to setup their business and to have residence visa of places like that. If you are one of them, we recommend you to choose UAE as it provides tax free high standard lifestyle with wide range of opportunities.

Residence visa is not quite easy to get in all over the world. Luckily, UAE is an ideal place not only to setup a new business but also to avail an easy residence visa process. The step you need to take is to hire an expert individual or a team that help you through the whole visa process step by step.

What is employment visa Mainland?

The most “in demand” visa types in UAE are Free Zone and Mainland. The ownership rules and regulations differentiate between the both visa types. If you want to setup a business in UAE main market, Mainland visa is the best option for this purpose. Your 51% shareholder, the local sponsor will help you a lot to activate a successful business in the region.

Your sponsor has right to shift all the authority to you with power of attorney. So you will be able to hold and handle whole the process and activation of the company.

UAE employment visa cost 2018 is around 30,000 AED for commercial license and around 27,000 AED for professional license.

Mainland visa processing time

Usually the Mainland Residency visa process takes 100 days. This is 10 days more than three months.

UAE Mainland residence visa

The Mainland Residence Visa application process is very simple. We divide this process in few easy steps usually.

Register Online

Get registered for E-Channel services. This would be the first step for your Mainland visa process. This step is designed under the supervision of Government of UAE. Online application process has made everything faster, accessible and easier.

You just need to ask your Mainland agent to make your company registered through online procedure and pay the fees. Now this will be your agent’s responsibility to do the rest of the job. You will be notified right after your registration is done.

Entry Permit

After getting registered for E-Channel services, this is the time to apply for entry permit or employment visa. It is a temporary visa that is valid for 60 days. After getting this visa, you will need to change your status. This step is to activate your entry permit.

Medical Test

You need to get done with your medical fitness test before obtaining Mainland visa. A blood test for any infectious disease and a chest X-Ray will be done for medical fitness test and the result are usually out after three days.

Emirates ID Card

After getting done with your medical test, you need to proceed for emirates ID card. It will help you to open an account in bank and also for other official uses.

Residence Visa Stamping

Now this is the time when you get an actual visa sticker in your passport. Stamping process takes 15 days usually. You can move out of the UAE during this process. After successful visa acquiring, you can apply for your family, dependent or even for your employees.

Mainland visa process is basically very easy but only for those who are professionally expert in this field. This is very important to choose a proper platform for your business so you will be able to establish a successful entity.

Dubai Mainland Commercial License

If your company activities are related to Commercial Trade, then you need a commercial trade license. There are two types of traders working in Dubai and UAE, general traders and specialized traders. Both types of traders are eligible to have a commercial license in Dubai. Your company needs to do trading in goods, and services to get a Commercial License.

If you get this license for your company, your company will reserve some protection rights. There are many types of general trading businesses like: retail and real estate, and others that need commercial trade license.

EBMS is always here with our efficient and sound enough staff to assist you in every single step you are going to face. We prepare the comprehensive file for you company to get licensed.

Commercial License Benefits

Commercial Business License carries lots of benefits for your company. There are many remarkable benefits of this license. Following is the list of benefits you can get when you have Mainland Commercial License in Dubai.

  • Just one commercial trade license can allow you ten business related activities.
  • You can choose multiple types of companies
  • Your various company’s activities will be incorporated under this single license.
  • A company registered by DED is highly secure for its business engagements.
  • Commercial license helps when you need to open a corporate bank account.
  • If you are commercial license holder, you will own no income taxation and the financial reporting system would be easier and simpler.
  • It is very affordable to renew the commercial trade license in Dubai and whole UAE.

What is Professional License?

When a person needs a designation to assure qualification to do a job or a task, he would need a Professional License or a Professional certification. It is also known as trade certification or professional designation. When a professional company is owned by more than one person, it is called Civil Company.

Dubai Professional License

When partners of the company spend their energy and intellectual thoughts to the roots of the company, a professional company comes into being. For example, a Real Estate Agency, a Web Design Agency or an E-Commerce Business. These are the firms that depend on the individual’s level of skills, talent, specifications and experiences.

To attain a Professional license in Dubai or UAE, shareholders of the company need to meet the basic requirements of educational qualifications and to use the correct way to for a business in Dubai.

100% foreign ownership, expatriate ownership and sole proprietorship are permitted to set up a professional company in Dubai. You would need a UAE National ad Local Service Agent but he wouldn’t be able to involve in company’s activity directly and will just get the yearly sponsorship fees. Local Service Agent helps to get license, visa, labor card and other certifications.

Professional licenses are not issued to one company but to the individuals of a company based on their intellectual abilities and academic achievement. Consultants, lawyers and auditors fall in the same category of professional licenses. There are so many professional license categories in UAE and Dubai, such as: professional engineering license UAE, professional lawyer license, professional consultant license, Dubai healthcare city professional license, Dubai economy professional license etc.

Key Points Related to Professional Companies’ License

  • Expatriate shareholders can own it 100%
  • A Service Agent is needed that must be a UAE National
  • Service Agent wouldn’t hold share in the company.
  • Service Agent will get yearly fees
  • There are no share capital requirements
  • Shareholders are bound to show a valid degree, experience certificates and other relevant documents
  • Office renting and attaining Ejari are mandatory
  • If a Professional Company included a UAE National as 51% share holder and owns only 49% then it would call a limited liability legal structure.

Responsible Department

The government agency, Department of Economic Development is responsible to issue these licenses.

How to Get a Professional License in Dubai?

Following are the steps to be taken when willing to get a professional license in UAE.

  • DED (Department of Economic Development) registered Trade Name
  • Department of Economic Development approval to get started with the activities of the company. Dh110 Fees to get approval will be paid directly to DED.
  • Approval for Tenancy Contract from Municipality

Professional license cost in UAE and Professional license cost in Dubai are same. Dh260 will be charged to get licensed professionally. You will need to pay the fees every time when you need a license renewal.

Documents Required for initial Approval and to get Approval for Tenancy Contract from Municipality

  • A Form filled by individual
  • Partners’ Passport Copies
  • Local Partner’s Copy of Naturalization book
  • No Objection Letter from the sponsor for expatriate partners
  • Municipality, RTA, National Media Council etc. need initial approval from concerned departments
  • Get (BR1) form
  • Trade Name Reservation Certificate
  • Get Initial Approval
  • Tenancy Contract and EJARI Registration Certificate

Submit the attested Agreement, Passport copies of owner/partners and NOC for expatriate owner/partners (if any). Make payment and get the license, Payment voucher will be issued along it.

The smooth and step by step process leads to get a Professional Company License successfully. EBMS is at your service to cope up with all possible conflicts to the Government Administration regarding Professional company formation. EBMS
guides you from getting licensed to the successful business formation through all efficient ways of business strategies.