Business Setup Services in dubai

Business Setup Services  

The UAE is evolving to become one of the great business hubs for ambitious people to accomplish their dreams. The business-friendly economic policies of the UAE Government serve to be one among the primary reasons for this evolution.EBMS provides exceptional Business Setup Services that would make the complicated process simple for the clients.The expert guidance by EBMS Business Services would help clients to emerge as a successful player in their particular sector or industry.The process of accomplishing a dream involves intense hard work and efforts. We understand the essence of making the journey a pleasant one by providing the right support.We acknowledge the fact that one wrong advice could potentially ruin one’s fortune. We understand the requirements of our clients and provide them with expert and right guidance to discover great successes.It is critical to unfold the intricate legal procedures professionally and complete them promptly. EBMS would provide constant support throughout the business setup process of our clients.

What are the different types of Business?

There are three significant types of business setup. They are:-

  • Manufacturing-Oriented Business - The businesses that involve procurement of raw materials and then producing the finished product.

  • Merchandising Business - The merchandising business involves imports and exports and buying and selling of goods.

  • Service-Oriented Business - The businesses that do not have physical goods but provide services to the customers

What is the procedure of business setup?

 The business setup procedure involves six essential steps. They are:-

  • Selection of the Business Domain - It is very critical to zero down the business domain in which the entrepreneur intends to establish their business.                                         
  • Ownership - The entrepreneur is required to obtain a license and ownership to initiate the business operations in complete rhythm.            
  • Organizational Structure - It is essential to draft the legal structure of the business                                              
  • Name - The entrepreneur needs to select the business name.     
  • Share - The entrepreneur needs to pay for the share capital.   
  • Legal Work - All the legal formalities are to be completed to carry out the business procedures more efficiently.

What are the primary business types that any entrepreneur can set up in Dubai UAE?

 The business setup procedure involves six  essential steps. They are:-

  • Free Zone Business Setup
  • Offshore Business Setup
  • Mainland Business Setup


EBMS provides exceptional business setup services to establish your company in the UAE. Our experts give adept legal consultation and complete assistance in the process of UAE company registration and incorporation.