Directors and Shareholders

UAE offshore company

Directors and Shareholders play an important role for any business. Do you want a high valued but low size business? UAE offshore company formation is the best and ideal choice to opt. Get the multiple options to setup your dream offshore business. Contact with our efficient team for free consultation, meet us and get the complete idea to start your journey towards successful formation of your company.

Offshore license in UAE

Registration process for an offshore company is not something strenuous or hard. You just need to know about the step by step procedure to get licensed for an offshore company. There are specific authorities that deal with the documentation for the particular type of offshore business. It is advised to go for an expert’s help to get registered.

Directors and Shareholder

Confidentiality is what that is mandatory in all matters, even if the matter is business related or not. Directors and shareholders are an important key for any business. Directors or founders of the company are also called Nominee owners. Nominee owners usually do not involve in performing any function but only play a showcase role in place of real business owners.

If you want to keep yourself safe as an offshore company owner, you can have a local citizen as the shareholder of your company and also can select someone else as the director of the company.

You need a comprehensive protection of your bio data in order to run an offshore company in UAE. The process is not so complicated. Director of the company can be the same person who is your company’s shareholder or that’s anyone from the management.

You need a complete anonymity in order to protect your data and other exchanges. Anonymity doesn’t affect your ownership rights at all. You will be able to get all benefits as an owner but will stay safe and anonymous at the same time.

You need a proficient, skilled and competent team to make this job done for you. Only a practiced, dexterous and professional team could lead you to a successful formation of an offshore company in UAE.

Why Ebms

If you are intending to form an offshore business we at EBMS are ready to provide you best services by one of the most leading incorporation agency. Our objective is to provide you 100% confidentiality with competitive price policy. We have highly educated firm business experts who work with integrity and diligence.

Your privacy, satisfaction and business stability is EBMS main motive. We will lead you to have wide range of offshore incorporation options along some unique protection benefits, low fees, and your assets protection.