Department of Economic Development (DED) License Timelines

Timelines and Procedure in business days

(The below is applicable to General Trading and Commercial licenses that do not require external approvals)

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0 day


We get in touch with you and see how we can help you.

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1st day

The beginning …

We sign contract with you and get the power of attorney from you. We get down to work. We prepare the documents and submit them to the Department of economic development.

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5-6th day


On 5-th or 6-th day you need to meet the local and sign Memorandum of Association, which has to be attested by a notary. After that we continue our work: collect the remaining documents and submit them to governmental authorities.

14th day

All is done!

We monitor the registration procedure, and as soon as everything is ready, we send you the license by e-mail. The license as an electronic PDF document

* The legal agreements have been approved by EBMS lawyers and it cannot be amended. Should you wish to make any changes, you will have to draft the agreement with your own lawyers and send it to EBMS for approval.

** Following receipt of the preliminary approval from the DED, the appropriate commercial rental agreements for proposed premises must be provided. Should the Lease Agreement and EJARI Certificate not be provided within 1 month of the initial approval, there is an additional PRO fee of 3,150 AED.

Note: Certain business activities require additional approvals from the government agencies. This can result in the timelines being extended by up to 45 days (depending on which government authority) and an additional PRO fee of 3,150 AED will apply, excluding government fees.

The above timelines are based on our past experience. If your chosen business activity requires additional inspections and approvals, timelines will vary according to the government authority involved.