About Department of Economic Development (DED) License

DED license is a legalized company that functions without any restrictions in business transactions and operations throughout the UAE and also in other countries.

According to U.A.E Companies Law, a local partner must nominate an expatriate shareholders if they plan to startup a mainland company. Also, if it is a Limited Liability Company then it is an obligation for the local partner to have at least 51% equity share. An alternative way is also to select a corporate nominee partner. This way the main shareholders get full legal authority and total financial benefits.

The advisory team of EBMS works hard to provide the best and honest advices to the clients covering structures, licensing and business activities offered by DED. Our customer support team helps you to focus on day-by-day progress of your company.

Why you should startup in Dubai Mainland

  • Easy to work in trade business around the World.
  • Unlimited visas (it is dependent on office space).
  • Open office anywhere in Dubai.
  • Less restrictions related to ownership and visa procedure as compared to other jurisdictions.
  • Increased business options.

How can we help you?

  • Enthusiastic staff always ready to help clients and their companies.
  • Links with highly qualified Regulatory, Government and Banking representatives to have smooth and easy processing.
  • Professional advice for enabling smooth business activities, legal structure (including Branch or Representative office, Sole establishment or Civil company and Limited liability company) and business licensing of all types (commercial and industrial).
  • Complimentary services include perfectly preparing and submitting all documents and management of all processing related to Visa, immigration and labor card.
  • All time support and advice related to lifetime of license and PRO services for legal and medical troubleshooting.

About Dubai

The UAE has proved itself as a perfect place for starting a new business through an effective leadership and active collaboration with Government authorities and having a sustainable post-oil economy. Also, the new startups and business economy will help UAE’s economy to flourish further as UAE leadership is famous for pro investment and pro-business approaches worldwide.

Dubai is not only a dream city to live in but also the center for starting new startup companies. It is famous for its ideal lifestyle and extravaganza infrastructure.

Hence, worldwide companies are attracted to Dubai as it provides strong legal framework combined with low taxes. Also, there is no limit to resources provision such as warehousing, modern office space, power supply, world-class connectivity and an internationally sourced manpower base.

Apart from all this, there can be some complications while formation of a company. But no worries as we have got you covered. Our customer support is always active to help you in the process. So get a complimentary consultation now from our EBMS DED expert team.

Find a reliable local sponsor

To start a business anywhere in UAE, first you need to find a local partner or agent, who has to be a citizen of UAE. He/ She will be nominated as your business partners. These UAE citizens who help you start your business by becoming your co-owners are usually referred as ‘locals’.

To kick start your partnership, a legal proceeding takes place in the Court which involves signing of a Memorandum of Association. Mostly, the locals will not interfere in your business as their sole responsibility is to represent your firm in front of the government bodies such as General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner’s Affairs or Ministry of Labor.

If further, you don’t want any hindrance from your local business partner then, you can ask him to give you his Power of Attorney. Like this, you are free to take the decisions of your company on your own.

As it is the rule of business that you need to select your local partner very carefully and cautiously as if he is sponsoring many companies then, if any sort of problem arises in one company. In that case, the remaining companies that he is sponsoring may get blocked or face some problem.