Foodstuff trading license in mainland dubai


Foodstuff Trading License

The food business has evolved to be a great industry over the years. It is an industry that delivers incredible profit in the city of Dubai as well.Most of the food supplies in the city are exported, imported, packaged and distributed as a successful trade business operation.The foodstuff training license, when acquired to carry out operations in Dubai Free Zone, would permit the foodstuff trading with the B2B companies in the free zone or outside the country.The foodstuff trading license in Dubai Mainland permits foodstuff trading with anyone across the country as well as outside.

What is the process of foodstuff trading company formation in Mainland Dubai?

  • The aspiring entrepreneur needs to decide the trade name and get approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • The entrepreneur needs to draft and sign the Memorandum of Association
  • The entrepreneur needs to rent out an office or the warehouse for the business and get the contract agreement for the tenancy along with the Ejari
  • The entrepreneur needs to submit all the documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED) and get a payment voucher when the payment is done
  • The entrepreneur has to submit the Ejari as well as the tenancy contract to the Food Control Section in Dubai Municipality
  • The final payment to complete all the procedures of registering and acquiring the foodstuff trading license has to be made by the entrepreneur and then they can successfully start with their foodstuff trading business

What are the mandatory documents required to start a foodstuff trading business in Dubai Mainland?

  • The company has to provide the passport copy of the shareholders
  • The visa page of the shareholder has to be provided if the shareholders are staying in the UAE with a resident visa or a visit visa
  • The company has to provide NOC letters if the shareholder has a resident visa
  • They have to provide the Emirates ID if the shareholder has a resident visa

The entire foodstuff trading business license is subjective to the rules and regulations laid down by Dubai Municipality. The Dubai Municipality is in charge and has the right to regulate it. Every foodstuff trading business has to acquire a license from the Food Control Department under the Dubai Municipality.


What are the other sub-activities that could be potentially added under the foodstuff trading business in Dubai Mainland?

The following is the list of sub-activities that can be carried out under the foodstuff trading business in Dubai Mainland:-

  • Mineral Water Trading Business
  • Juice Trading Business
  • Potatoes Trading Business
  • Ice Trading Business
  • Sugar Trading Business
  • Cereals, Legumes and Grains Trading Business
  • Spices Trading Business
  • Vegetable Oil and Ghee trading Business
  • Snack Food Trading Business
  • Flour Trading
  • Vegetables and Fruit Trading
  • Egg Trading
  • Carbonated Water and Soft Drinks Trading


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