FreeZone Bank Account

How To Open Freezone Company Bank Account In UAE?

A freezone company needs a bank account to make transactions and to handle other money matters. Whether you own a buy or sell company or other, a freezone company Bank Account opening is quite a tricky task to do. This is the time when you need an expert account opening assistance to get through the matters easily. Banks in UAE are the most reliable entities in the region, but its not as easy to open account as it was in past but dont worry we are here to assist you.

Benefits of Bank Account Opening in UAE     

  • Manage your Resources effectively
  • Helps in productive growth of your business
  • Business finances are easily managed

EBMS at your Services

We are a business formation expert company working in UAE. We offer our services to every type of small and big businesses in UAE. We welcome you, wherever you coming from.

We help companies to setup and to grow in United Arab Emirates’ market zone. We assist our clients in obtaining and opening a bank account in different leading prime banks. We provide you our all support in order to open a Free Zone Company bank account. You are free to open multiple accounts at a time for a smooth activation of your business.

Let us give you some basic requirement in order to open you Bank account in the UAE

Personal bank account opening requires following documents:

  • You need to provide Bank Reference Letter
  • Candidate’s clear Passport copy
  • Latest paid Utility bill
  • Personal bank statement for 6 months

FreeZone Company Bank  Account requires following documents:

  • Candidate’s or owner’s Business profile is needed
  • Tenancy contract Ejari or Business Center Office Lease agreement must be shown for office inspection in order to open Freezone Company Business Bank Account
  • Trade License is mandatory to open Business Bank Account
  • You need to show your Articles of Association or Certificate of incorporation it all depends from which freezone you have got your license.
  • One of shareholder’s Passport Copy and Residence Visa along with Emirates id is mandatory (if applicable)
  • MOA (Memorandum of Association)
  • Three Suppliers Company Name & Three Customers Name

There might be few more documents required depends in which bank you want to open you Account. We have helped hundreds of Freezone Companies to open their Freezone Company Corporate bank Accounts in Following Banks :

Frequently Asked Questions About Opening Freezone Company Bank Account.

Is it possible to open Freezone Bank Account Remotely ?

No its Not possible to Account any Business Bank account remotely with UAE banks.

Its a requirement of Central Bank that you have to be present physically while opening your Freezone Bank Account.

Can we Get Loans, Debit or Credits Cards with any of UAE banks ?

Well it is possible to have debit cards with most of UAE banks while you open Business Bank Account with them, however in order to get credit card you have to deposit some amount with bank, furthermore in regards to Business Loans yes it only possible if your company is 1 year old and you have got good turn over by showing company operations profits audit reports etc.

Can You Guarantee us that you can open our Freezone Company Business account ?

We try our level best but we highly recommend to setup your company through us so that we will set it up in way that it will be easy to open your bank account since there are few business activities due to which banks take longer time in order to open you company account.

There are lot of factors banks consider before opening your account so its impossible for anyone to Guarantee you about your account opening since the approval of account fully depends on the bank.

Each case goes to few departments of the bank where it has to be approved before the account gets opened.

If the bank has any questions or needs clarifications, it will contact you directly with the inquiries.

The more clear picture about your business you give to the bank, the higher your chances of account opening are.

Since We have assisted lot of freezone companies in opening Business Bank Accounts so we have enough experience about documentation and requirement so prepare your account application in a way that it makes smooth and fast for your business account opening.

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