Grocery License in Dubai


Grocery License in Dubai

Grocery Store business in Dubai is one of the profitable business options for any investor or entrepreneur. The ever-developing cities provides several benefits and multiple trading avenues for entrepreneurs to establish a flourishing grocery store business in Dubai.
Each business requires to follow the entire procedure with the prescribed rules and regulations for establishing any business.

The numerous considerations to take care of while establishing a grocery store in Dubai are:-

  • Business Plan
    It is critical to draft a fool-proof business plan before starting with any business. The entrepreneur needs to decide the budget of the business establishment, investments, location of the business, organizational structure, availability of required documents, current trends in the market etc.
  • Local Partnership
    As per the legal regulations in the UAE, the entrepreneur would require a local sponsor to be in partnership to establish the grocery store business in Dubai.
  • Documents
    There are a set of essential documents that are to be gathered to get the grocery store license in Dubai. A copy of the passport and visa of the owner has to be submitted along with the application. The owner is also required to provide a copy of the tenancy contract with the Ejari, the approvals from the Municipality and the registration of the Trademark from the Ministry of Economy.
  • Approval
    The entrepreneur is required to submit the documents as per the rules and regulations laid down by the Government in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development in Dubai is entitled to provide the initial approval for the grocery store license in Dubai.
  • Name
    The trade name of the business is required to be approved by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. The trade name of the business needs to be the same as the commercial name and the signboard of the business. The trade name is also required to be compliant to the rules laid down by the DED.
  • Location
    The entrepreneur needs to finalize the location of the business. They need to acquire the tenancy contract along with the Ejari and in case there is any change in the location, the entrepreneur needs to take prior permission from the Department of Economic Development.
  • License
    After submitting all the documents, the entrepreneur can acquire the license. There are three categories of licenses that are professional license, industrial licenses and commercial licenses. Only the items listed by the Government in the grocery store license list are permitted to be sold in the store and other materials are not permitted.
    After acquiring the license, the entrepreneur can apply for the employee visas to get staff and employees for the grocery store in Dubai.

What are the regulations to be taken into consideration while opening a grocery store in Dubai?

  • The Department of Economic Development needs to provide approval for any kind of advertisements, banners or promotional materials being posted by the grocery store
  • It is prohibited to sell fake products with fake trademarks as per the law
  • Any kind of changes in the license has to be permitted by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai
  • The entrepreneur needs to get the VAT registration number for the grocery store and proper invoicing system and file taxes returns promptly


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