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How to Obtain a General Trading License in Dubai?

How to Obtain a General Trading License in Dubai?

How to Obtain a General Trading License in Dubai?

When starting a business, the license is very important. You can not start your business until your paperwork is complete. You need approvals from the higher authorities to start your business. If you start your business illegally, you will be charged for the rules violation. You may be deported back to your country if you are a foreigner and if you are a local, you might end up will a hefty amount of penalty.

A general trading license is, therefore, very important. You can not start any sort of trading without a license.

Dubai is an exchanging center point. Also, the general exchanging permit in Dubai is the best type of exchange. Since it will give you an expert to exchange more than one thing. It is minimal broad however progressively prominent in Dubai. Before going in detail of Dubai general exchanging permit; let me disclose to you some essential just as key data about Dubai permit.

Before you can begin your business in the UAE; you need a permit from DED or from any organized commerce zone. DED just as the majority of the Dubai free zone offer General exchanging permit in Dubai; to enable their customer to perform more than one movement with a similar permit. Our specialist will direct you in getting your general exchanging permit Dubai; that is either in DED or in any organized commerce zone.

If an organization wishes to fare, import or exchange merchandise or items like garments, adornments, furniture, gadgets, and so on., it can apply for a general exchange permit. A representative who looks for circumstances in import and fare in the UAE ought to have a general exchange permit.

In the event that you have numerous exchanging exercises that are in the equivalent or diverse industry then a general exchange permit covers everything. Although expensive, having this permit has its very own advantages and focal points.

Be that as it may, there are sure items, similar to firearms, autos, liquor, and therapeutic items, which can’t be allowed to be exchanged through general exchange permit as these items require endorsement from higher experts or clearances from UAE regions. Be that as it may, those items are exchanged under a business exchange permit in the wake of experiencing the endorsement procedure.

Kinds of Trade Licenses in UAE

Dubai’s work industry requires fundamental licenses. Organizations in Dubai can apply for any of the accompanying licenses:

  • Proficient License
  • Mechanical License
  • General Trade License
  • Business or Trade License
  • Exchange Licenses For Specific Industries

What is a General Trading License?

If you are somebody who is interested in trading. And you deal with export and import to and from Dubai, you must have a general trading license. A general trading license is costly but it has its advantages. It is not only for the export and import but if you have any activity related to a business other than export and import, it will help you with that also.

You can import and export almost every product with this license, except for a restriction of a few. You can not trade guns, arms and ammunition with this license. For that, you need a commercial license and approval from higher authorities.

Advantages of General Trading License

As mentioned above, the general trading license has numerous advantages. It will help you in many ways. Let’s talk about a few of them.

No Taxes

If you have a general trading license, you do not need to pay any other tax for the approval and import and export of the goods. You can have a glitch-free easy process. Obtaining a general trading license will take a huge load off your shoulders. It will help you in an easier trading cycle.

Local and International Trade

You can easily trade locally and internationally using this general trading license. It will help you in a way that you don’t have to go through multiple approvals and paperwork every time. It will help you have a systematic international and local trade.

Easy Process

Unlike most registration process, the method for this is very easy and straightforward. You just need to complete the paperwork and pay the fees for the license. That is all. You don’t have to further worry about any other thing. Once you have submitted all the papers and documents. you will soon receive a general trading license.

Multiple Visas

It has a great option for multiple visas. It depends on the size and expansion of your business. But you have a facility of applying for multiple visas using this license. One great opportunity with this visa is that you can also sponsor your dependents with this trading license. The dependents might include the family, parents, spouse, children, maid or anybody else.

This general trading license has some great advantages. It will help you have even more advantages. You might feel it is costly for a license, but you need to look into the numerous perks it provides you.

Some of the other advantages of general trading license are,

  • Tax-free authority
  • Local and international trading facility
  • Auditing is not mandatory
  • Hassle-free legal procedure
  • A wide range of banking services
  • Easy access to visas for workers
  • No currency limitations
  • No obligation of paid-up capital
  • 100% return of capital and profits
  • Minor import duty

How to Obtain a General Trading License

Here is how you can achieve a general trading license in Dubai. Now that, you know about the advantages and the perks of having a general trading license. You must want to obtain a general trading license?

Here is the step of how you can obtain the general trading license.

Choose a Name

Now that you are planning to apply for a general trading license, you need to have a company. Decide a name for your company and plan a structure for it.

Decide Business Activities

If you are opting for a general trade license you need to choose trade activities you might be involved in. This the perk of general trade license that you can do multiple things on a single license.

You can choose up to 10 activities related to the business that you might be involved in.

Submit the Application

After you have chosen the name and the activities are decided, you can submit the application for the general trade license now. Remember this is an initial application. Wait for it to get approved before moving further.

Arrange the Paperwork

After the initial approval now is the time for submitting paperwork. Try to arrange the paperwork and arrange all the government authority letters. Having complete paperwork will let you have a license peacefully. It will keep you hassle-free later.

Decide Location

Decide a location for your office and business and you will also need a contract. The tenancy contract for the place you have decided must be attested by the Ejari.

Submit the final application

Once you have the tendency contract signed, all you need to do is to submit the final application for the final license. As soon as, you submit the documents with all the necessary conditions, your work is processed. You can then obtain the final license.

Fees Submission

Once all your process is completed you need to pay the fees for the general trading license. This fee also includes the insurance fee.

Now that you know the procedure, you can easily start your business after getting the general trading visa. You can have numerous incentives with the general trading license. It is surely a wise decision. It is a one-time big investment. Once you do it, you are free to trade in up to 10 different things and

activities. It a win-win situation for you to trade and earn a profit. This investment will bring you lots of profit. And many opportunities for trade.

You should surely think about getting a general trade license if you are aspired to trade and start your business in Dubai.


Before an organization can begin working together in the UAE, it must deliver documentation demonstrating it has gotten a general exchange permit just as all the legitimate grants and capabilities to work locally.

This includes a long and broad procedure of submitting applications and delivering appropriate documentation. Also, the prerequisites differ dependent on the sort of business you are attempting to build up.

For organizations in the wellbeing, sustenance, and modern parts, necessities are likely increasingly broad and benchmark progressively stringent when contrasted with organizations associated with the general exchange.

This is on the grounds that organizations in these businesses are required to satisfy wellbeing and wellbeing guidelines before being permitted to work. If you are new to these prerequisites, you will probably invest a more drawn out energy endeavoring to explore the procedure.

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