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How To Start A Beauty Salon Business In Dubai?

How To Start A Beauty Salon Business In Dubai?

How To Start A Beauty Salon Business In Dubai?

Are you thinking about or wanting to start a business in Dubai? Looking for a compatible idea? Want to flourish your business in Dubai?

Think of a necessity which is important for every human. It is hygiene. You can go out in a corporate world being untidy and unhygienic. And to fix all of this problem you take the path towards a beauty salon.

There is no discrimination in this, every men and woman need to visit a beauty salon every once in a while for haircuts or any other things. Do you realize this need for beauty salons have made beauty salon a big business?

Now that the business opportunities are easier to start, most people are going towards Dubai and investing in business there.

If you have narrowed down to the idea that you want to open a beauty salon business in Dubai, here is the reason why it will do well.

Dubai has a greater demand for beauty salon, which is why the beauty salons here in Dubai earn pretty well. You might be in awe why beauty salons do so well. the people here are much concerned about the way they look. He is a man or women. All the people are concerned about the presence. That makes the beauty salon business in Dubai successful.

Beauty Salon Business In Dubai

Beauty Salon business in Dubai

It’s not in every case simple looking glamorous in Dubai, that is the reason there are magnificence salons over the city to enable you to remain fit as a fiddle.

While the facts confirm that business leases will, in general, be increasingly costly in key regions, setting up a salon far out can be a formula for calamity. There are explicit least size rules that additionally apply; it would be ideal if you address one of our specialists for the vital specs.

One of the key parts of the salon business is that it’s a controlled action by the Dubai Municipality which isolates it by salon.

As a rule, individuals won’t head out long separations to visit your salon. Along these lines, you have to choose an area that is close to your center customer base. Components you need to consider likewise incorporate closeness to entrenched salons and zones that have high footfall.

While the city as of now has a considerable amount of excellence salons, new participants into the market keep on creating a solid benefit for its proprietors. From visitors to expats with considerable extra cash, your capability to draw in customers is for all intents and purposes boundless.

The Dubai Economic Department has a code for ladies’ salon and one for men’s salon. You should choose ahead of time which sexual orientation you might want to take into account, as this likewise has a suggestion on the staff that you will have at your salon.

Remember that guidelines as guidelines in this area are always advancing.

Henceforth a free counsel with our specialists can assist you with data on salons for either salon. It’s implied that a decent area is basic to your prosperity.


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The quick climbing and down corporate structure of Dubai has become one of the picked endpoints for the salon business. The business paradise of Dubai is drawing in expansive quantities of head honchos to extract their thoughts and considerations for salon permit in Dubai.

Magnificent beauty salon permit in Dubai is on the top business; Dubai is a significant business center and it is the most out of control developing economy and living way of life.

In any case, they disregard the repetitiveness and bothers that can block the objectives; to find out about the salon business in Dubai or free zone business setup at that point click here Cheapest Free Zone License in UAE.

Process of Starting a Beauty Salon in Dubai

Beauty Salon business in Dubai

The first thing that is required in the decision about where to start a business. Either you can start it in the free zone or you can start it on the mainland. The mainland is more preferred for beauty salon, as it will be in the center and more people can go there daily.

Once you have decided where to set up the business you can now register it in the DED. You will be required to complete all the paperwork at the time of registration.

If you are a foreign investor you will need a local sponsor to start your business. You will also need to get your agreement made for the sponsor. It is a mainland business which means it will require a longer time to get approved. It might take almost 2 weeks or can be extended to 4 weeks. If your paperwork is all done and completed, there will be no glitch that you will face when applying for the license.

Types of License

There are two types of license for beauty salon business. The two types are,

Women salon license

Men salon license

Services Allowed in a Women Salon

In a women salon following services are allowed.

  • Hair washing
  • Trimming
  • Setting coloring
  • Straightening
  • Waving
  • Hair fixing
  • Henna
  • Makeup
  • Skin Cleansing
  • Skin hair removal
  • Facial aesthetic
  • Foot care
  • Nail manicures and treatment.

Services Allowed in a Men Salon

The following services are allowed in a men salon.

  • Trimming
  • Cutting
  • Waving
  • Dyeing
  • Straightening
  • Hair setting up
  • Skin purification
  • Hair removal of skin
  • Foot care
  • Facial aesthetic

These are the service which is allowed on the license you receive. You have to abide by them. if you do anything which is illegal and not allowed with by the government you might get into greater trouble.

What are the Requirements for Starting a Beauty Salon Business in Dubai?

Beauty Salon business in Dubai

There are several requirements regarding a beauty salon in Dubai.

The first requirement for the salon in Dubai is that the place in which you want to open a beauty salon business in Dubai must be approved by the higher authorities such as the municipality department of Dubai.

One must also have a signboard outside their salon so that the people can know about the salon and they can visit there.

The third and important requirement of opening a salon is that the salon has to be clear and hygienic. The place the furniture and the area around it must be neat and clean.

You will also require space so that you can have a separate workplace for every service.

The place must be equipped with a washbasin for the treatments. The treatments will include facial and hair treatments.

The beauty salon must be equipped with cupboards and drawers which is necessary to keep all the beauty supplies.

How Can We Flourish the Beauty Salon Business?

The beauty salon business is always at a hype. The need for a beauty salon can never go down. It is a disposable service which one requires every month or twice a month. The need for a salon is always there.

Therefore it is always good to get started with the salon business. It is also easier to earn as the targeted audience is quite a lot. If the service is good, the customers will come back for sure. One thing you need is to get insurance for the place. it is just to be safe with the investment point of view.

If you want your salon to be famous and earn a greater revenue, work on the marketing of it. It will help you get bigger in lesser time. The hiring of a consultant will also be helpful for you. you can hire a consultant and he will help you in planning a strategy.

This will help you in securing a better place in the market and earn more profit. The consultant will also help you with all the paperwork. You can be at ease and wait for the consultant to do all the work. One advantage of hiring a consultant is that he will know about the market’s ups and downs and all the other strategies that you will need to boost your beauty salon business in Dubai. This is the guide if you are planning to start a beauty salon business in Dubai. Dubai is full of business ventures and you can always opt for one or the other but this sector has its safe position.

The business opportunities in Dubai are numerous, you can do your research and start one. The business in the mainland might have a little more requirements than the business in the free zone, but it is always worth it. As most customers go to the central location business and these are the mainland businesses.





















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