Offshore Company

Do you want to setup a business in UAE that is practically worthwhile? Welcome to EBMS… We are here to provide a flawless practical service to take your business at utmost level in the offshore business industry.

Offshore business is located out of a National boundary. Offshore company or offshore corporation means that a company that engages in offshore business activities or a company that comes under IBC (International Business Companies) that is incorporated by jurisdiction, means prohibited for local economic activities.

If you want to secure your assets and the fund is elevated by international trading then the offshore business is the best option for you. if you want to protect your assets from lawsuits and to take benefits from low taxation along growing investments then offshore company formation is an essential step to take.

EBMS is a UAE based company helping potential business entities with end to end business solutions from registration of the company to the successful formation across the UAE. We will guide you throughout the process step by step to make everything easy and clear to you.

Difference between freezone and offshore Companies

Do you have difficulty in differentiating between freezone and an offshore company? This is not your fault. Both the companies can be 100% owned by a foreigner. Both companies are registered by Free Zone Authorities. Both companies get 100% corporate and personal income tax, import and export tax exception.

Setting up business in UAE requires a complete knowledge about the difference between Free Zones and Offshore. Let’s make it easy for you. Free Zone Company is a company that can operate business within UAE while an offshore company is not allowed to work within the region.

Offshore company benefits

• No taxation in company’s home jurisdiction
• Whole the design is helpful for flexible business activities
• Contrary to developed countries, Rules and regulations for business activities are lighter
• Take advantage of local and International laws in taxation
• Operation costs are reduced
• It improves the productivity
• There are many favorable Government Policies for Offshore companies
• Provides greater control to the company for closer physical collaboration
• Confidentiality and privacy
• Legal protection benefit
• Own a bank account
• Invoice and trade internationally

Why set up an offshore company

An offshore company is able to open bank account. It can own property. It can engage in many forms of commerce like buy and sell, agreements and a business operation. Tax obligations are not applied on an offshore company that is known as IBC. An offshore company can conduct its business outside of its country of registration.

There are many jurisdictions available distinct by their cost, space, price, speed, ease and reputation. So set yourself free from overloaded taxation and enjoy assets protection along with other benefits as well as successful profitable business.

Offshore Company Registration
Registration process for an offshore company is not something strenuous or hard. You just need to know about the step by step procedure to get licensed for an offshore company. There are specific authorities that deal with the documentation for the particular type of offshore business. It is advised to go for an expert’s help to get registered.

Why Ebms

If you are intending to form an offshore business we at EBMS are ready to provide you best services by one of the most leading incorporation agency. Our objective is to provide you 100% confidentiality with competitive price policy. We have highly educated firm business experts who work with integrity and diligence.

Your privacy, satisfaction and business stability is EBMS main motive. We will lead you to have wide range of offshore incorporation options along some unique protection benefits, low fees, and your assets protection.