PRO services for company formation


PRO Services

Every Business Establishment requires proper documentation and registration. The business set up in UAE also requires precise documentation work and approvals.The best solution to get the work done promptly is to appoint EBMS Business Services as you PRO Company in the UAE. The Public Relation Officer (PRO) services include formal document drafting and paperwork. PRO services also include the passport clearance, issuance of business licenses and immigration work etc. The various procedures that involve Arabic translations would be a difficult task for any foreign entrepreneur and PRO services can potentially eliminate all such hurdles. PRO services are extraordinarily provided by our experienced professional to navigate the clients through the complex processes in a simple manner. PRO services would enable the entrepreneur to set up their business well in the UAE if they are unaware of the rules and regulations.


PRO Services for Company Formation

Company Formation in the UAE involves numerous steps in the procedure. The procedures could be time-consuming and exhausting for any foreign entrepreneur to understand the process and complete the procedures easily and comfortably. EBMS PRO services would support throughout the typing and drafting of the legal documents that would enable the entrepreneurs to complete their work more promptly.EBMS would also assist the organizations with drafting Memorandum and Articles of Association as part of the company establishment procedure, changing the trade names of the company and also amendments in the current Memorandum and Articles of Association. A glimpse of the many documentation clearing services provided by the PRO service providers in the UAE include Trademark Registration, Business Center, Document Translation, Dubai Immigration and Employment Visas

What are the advantages of PRO Services?

PRO services provide numerous benefits to any entrepreneur intending to fulfil their dream of establishing the business in the UAE.

  • Time-Saving
    The foreign entrepreneur could save up on their valuable time while a PRO Company works on their behalf. The entrepreneur could focus on the operational tasks and activities of the organization and can rest assured of the document processing work to be carried out efficiently by the PRO Service providers in the UAE.
  • Knowledge
    The current scenario of the economy in the UAE, rules and regulations, documentation required to set up any business in the UAE are known to the PRO service experts at EBMS. The knowledge of the experts would be of great aid and support to the foreign entrepreneurs to completely rely on the credibility of the proficient work being delivered.
  • Agreement
    Any foreign entrepreneur or entity would find it extremely difficult to understand and thereby abide by the rules and regulations in the UAE. The stringent laws, rules and regulations in the UAE need to be given due importance by the foreign entrepreneur. Hiring a PRO service provider is critical for foreign entities to be compliant with the laws.
  • Cost-Efficient
    Hiring a PRO Company would help organizations to get expert advice on the tasks and activities involved in ensuring prompt development of the new business organization. The PRO experts would guide the organization to utilize their resources efficiently in the initial phases of setting up a business. The association with EBMS PRO service providers would help organizations to emerge victoriously and stay successful in the long run.


We aim to give you a speedy and hassle-free experience

  • Family Visa
  • UAE Medical
  • Emirates ID
  • Movement Report Assistance


To provide a comfortable and relaxed driving experience in the UAE.

  • Company Car Registration
  • Driving License Assistance


To build a reliable relationship in providing assistance in everyday life task.

  • Bank Account Opening Assistance
  • Document Delivery


To help enhance your lives by removing stress and taking   care of the smallest detail.

  • Attestation of Personal and Corporate Documents
  • Legal Arabic Translation
  • Power of Attorney


EBMS experts deliver exceptional PRO services that would ensure proper execution of the rules and regulations. Our experience of providing exceptional service to our clients over the years have built the trust and credibility of our business practices. Ou team of experts would assist the foreign entrepreneur throughout the process of establishing a new business venture in the UAE