Required Documentation For Offshore Companies

If you are willing to setup an offshore company in UAE, this is the right place where you should be. Potential investors like you, get confused when it comes to gather all Required Documentation for offshore companies. They should be… it is in-fact an obscure and complicated matter. You definitely need an expert to fetch all Required Documentation for you.

EBMS is ready to deal every legal matter for you. Let us arrange all the Required Documentation first and your company will move to the successful activation in UAE.

Different type of business needs different set of documentation to be approved by the relevant authority. So, the documentations rely on business activity, business partnership type, and the site.

Typically, the required documents for your offshore company setup in UAE are as follows:

 Certified Passport Copy

A clear attested copy of passport (by Lawyer/Accountant/Sovereign Employee) is needed to show to the authority.

Proof of Address documents

A proof of address such as utility bill or tenancy agreement showing address of current residence is mandatory.

Reference Letter

You need to provide a Bank or Professional Reference Letter

Curriculum Vitae

A summary of professional history in the form of CV will be required too.

Bank Account

One more document generally you need to provide is bank statement dated within last 3 month.