VAT Consultant and EBMS


VAT Consultant and EBMS

It is critical to have a proper understanding of the VAT registration and compliance procedures in the UAE. EBMS has been legally approved by the FTA (Federal Tax Authority) in the UAE as VAT Consultancy and Tax Agent. We provide complete guidance and assistance for our clients to excel in the process.


Hire our Experts for VAT Consultancy in Dubai

Our experts provide exceptional step-by-step guidance to our clients to carry out the complicated process in a simplified manner. We are well acquainted with comprehensive knowledge and expertise that would benefit our clients in carrying out the entire process in a much convenient manner. We help our clients to understand the process and mitigate taxes through proper means and ways.

Get Expert Advice

Our experts would provide exceptional guidance and service in the following manner

  • Our experts would provide complete assistance in the registration process of taxation
  • Our experts would provide comprehensive personnel training to carry out the VAT procedure in a hassle-free manner
  • Our experts would provide a precise analysis of the VAT process and the business scenario in the UAE
  • Our experts would assist in the assessment of the documents required for the process
  • Our experts would help develop a VAT structure for application within the organization
  • Our experts would guide the clients to implement tax compliant software and systems

EBMS Advantages

We understand the significance of acknowledging the diverse demands and requirements of our clients. We appoint a dedicated representative to assist our clients and provide customized services as per their requirements. They would also suggest the required changes in the organization that would make the complicated process to be much easier for our clients.The EBMS Tax Consultation expert would provide with all the details enlisting the new policies, rules and regulations of VAT in the country.